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Prompt Child Neuropsychological Evaluations and Consults for  Pediatricians and Clinicians

"Mental health conditions affect the child's physical health as well as behavioral and emotional wellness,  I trust Hugh and the CNS team to give me accurate, in-depth evaluation to guide my efforts in helping my families and children."

When parents come to you with children who are struggling to learn and acquire skills, they are frustrated and concerned. The children are often discouraged and angry.   They are looking to you for advice and solutions; we can help.  With 30 plus years of expertise in helping pediatricians, mental health clinicians and families, we can reliably provide answers and insight to facilitate your treatment.

Pediatricians:  A referral for evaluation can often be a first and important step in identifying the nature of underlying neuropsychological abnormalities contributing to lack of success in school, behavioral or emotional disorders, and social interaction problems.

Mental health clinicians:   Knowledge of a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses or neuropsychological profile is important to guide therapeutic intervention.  Treatment style may need to be modified to match a child’s processing abilities:

  • Treating children with language disorders 
  • Working with children with non-verbal disorders 
  • Treating children with subtle attention problems 
Children with known or suspected neurological compromise have specialized therapy needs.  Understanding the neuropsychological profile will guide your successful diagnoses and  treatment work.

We are happy to speak with you about individuals you are considering for referral.  We intend our partnering process to be supportive, enabling you to focus your care.  You can have confidence that our assessment will enhance your care.  

Testing and Evaluation Process
Typical assessments consist of three components that take place over 2-3 weeks:

  •  An initial interview and history taking with parents (and adolescents as appropriate), 
  •  A formal testing with qualified scores along with extensive qualitative analysis of problem solving strategies, 
  •  A follow-up informing conference to present findings and recommendations to parent(s). 

A detailed written report integrating historical information, clinical observations of behavior, and the quantitative and quantitative data as well as explicit recommendations for needed intervention and support is later provided to parents, usually yourself, and others as appropriate.

First Step

We attempt to minimize the wait time for appointments and typically schedule evaluations within one month, occasionally sooner if the need is urgent.  Please feel free to call yourself or to give our phone number to parents/patients for whom neuropsychological evaluation might be appropriate.

To assist you in presenting the importance of an evaluation to parents, we provide  information to assist you in explaining the importance of their child’s evaluation and in making them comfortable with the process. You can use any of our parent materials or simply refer the parents to our Parent’s Section for further information.  We also have a brief section for children and teens to explain what will occur and make them more comfortable with the evaluation sessions.  This can be an important assist for parents.

Referral Process and Payment Details

At this time, we bill BCBS of MA directly for virtually all patients with that insurance carrier.  Our office manager, Lynda MacDougall, is very experienced in helping patients and parents seek reimbursement from other insurers that we are not able to bill directly.  Some school districts and special education directors who are familiar with our evaluations are also willing to contribute to or pay in full the cost of evaluation, and we can pursue this source of payment as appropriate.  The evaluation and opinion is always, of course, independent of any third party funding.

We are happy to discuss our services in greater detail, and we enjoy collaborative work with other professionals involved in the care of patients we see.

Thank you for your past referrals and continuing confidence in our work.  If we have not yet seen one of the children/adolescents with whom you work, we hope to do so and collaborate with you.  

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