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Expert Neuropsychological Evaluation Enables You and Involved Professionals to Help Your Child Succeed in School and Life 
“It is hard watching your child struggle and not knowing why or how to help.  Having an expert assessment gave us the information we needed to work with our docs and to give Noah the best help possible.  It made a big difference.  Thanks. “
You are frustrated.  Your child needs help and no one seems to have answers.  School is hard, friendships are difficult, behaviors may be a problem, family life is disrupted.  Everyone is on edge.       
We can identify how your child perceives and processes information.  This is an important first step.
We help you and your healthcare providers understand the underlying causes of your child’s struggles.  The results of our evaluation guides appropriate treatment and support for doctors or mental health clinicians.  Our work enables teachers to reach and educate your child.  It is a solid step to improving family harmony.
As a leading Boston area neuropsychologist for 30 years, Dr. Coffman not only has the expertise to blend the art and science of Neuropsychology, but he is really good with kids and teens.  The first session, however, is with parents to get background information and understand the problems in detail.  We will also suggest ways for you to talk with your child about the upcoming evaluation.  There are many things you can do to help him/her see this evaluation as a positive, empowering opportunity.  We want them to feel comfortable.  It won’t hurt and most kids find it interesting
“I thought it would be hard but Dr Coffman made me laugh..... He helped me and my parents figure out some ways to do better in school and with my friends”.
How to get started

 Initiate an evaluation by
  • Asking your doctor or mental health clinician to contact    Dr. Hugh Coffman, 781-863-1360
  • Calling our office directly at 781-863-1360 to schedule an appointment.

See the “Preparing Your Child for a NeurpPsych Assessment” article in the Tools section.

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