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Kids and Teens -
Find out how to feel better, enjoy friends and succeed in school.
“I thought it would be hard but Dr Coffman made me laugh. He doesn’t wear a white coat or tie. He was easy to talk to.   He helped me and my parents figure out some ways to do better in school and with my friends”.
It’s tough being a kid.  You have to deal with family, friends, school, chores or a job, growing up and more.  Sometimes a little help makes it easier.  To know how best to help, we need to know more about you.  We look forward to meeting you.
We aren’t like your regular doctor.  You don’t change into a gown or get shots.  We learn about how you think and feel.  We spend time talking with you – we will meet several times during a few weeks.    We have you answer questions – there are not right or wrong answers so you don’t have to study.   We do some games.  We are friendly and like kids a lot.  We know how to help kids. 
We call our time together an “assessment”.  After you leave, we spend time thinking about all the information and provide a report to your parents and doctor.  Everyone’s brain works a special way.  We help understand all the great stuff about yours.  If you have any problem areas, we can explain where and how to help or give you tools to do well.   We work with a lot of kids. 


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