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Child Neuropsychological Testing & Evaluation:  
Prompt Specialist Support for Neurologists and Pediatricians

Now that the school year is underway, many of the students you see many enjoy considerable academic success.  But for children who struggle in school, in social interactions, and in acquiring age-appropriate skills, referral for evaluation can often be a first and important step in identifying the nature of underlying neuropsychological abnormalities contributing to lack of success in school, behavioral or emotional disorders, and social problems.   As one of the most experienced neuropsychologist groups in Boston, we can provide the assessment expertise you need.


Neuropsychological disorders, learning disabilities
We provide the highest quality evaluations of children and adolescents with known or suspected neuropsychological disorders.  Our neuropsychological evaluations focus on documenting the status of higher cortical functions and describing an individual’s neuropsychological profile with an emphasis on both strengths or spared cognitive functions and on those areas of deficit contributing to less than adequate functioning or failure. 
Emotional, personality and developmental factors
While our primary focus is neuropsychological examination of the relations and interaction of brain and behavior, we also consider emotional/personality, social, and other developmental factors in our evaluations. 
Patient population ranges from clear neurological disease to children with more subtle but persistent learning disabilities.  Our function is to document and describe functional correlates of known or assumed brain disorders with the goal of directing instruction, remediation, and support.

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